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Family Law

How do I take care of my family?

The law gives you rights in many areas important to looking after your family.  We can help you take action regarding:

· Child Custody—Have circumstances made your ex-spouse inappropriate to care for children?  Is the legal guardian right?  Are you being denied the ability to visit your children and spend time with them?

· Child Support—Are you receiving enough money to care for your child?  Are the payments past due?  Without proper funding it may be impossible for you to take care of your family.  Whether the parents are married or not, being a parent requires supporting the child.  You may need legal help to require testing that proves paternity. 












· Alimony and Settlements —Is your alimony being paid?  Were you given the assets you were promised in a divorce agreement?

· Rights of the Elderly—Is your elderly relative being taken advantage of by someone?  Without good counsel, you can be in for a difficult and awkward situation.  Let us help you.

· Conflicts over wills, trusts and estates—It can make a tragic situation turn horrible!  A loved one has died and people are fighting after the reading of the will.  Was the will re-written to give everything to one person? 

· A will may be invalid because it was written or revised at a time when your loved one was incapable of making appropriate decisions for themselves.

· Abuse and neglect of family members:

· Children

· Spouses

· Grandparents

· No matter what your circumstances may be, no one has the right to physically hurt you or harass you.  Neither a wife nor a husband is allowed to beat their spouse.   Grandparents cannot be abused.  Children cannot be neglected.

Let us evaluate your situation.

· Orders of Protection

· Are you being stalked?

· Does your ex-husband/boyfriend still pursue you?  No means no!

· Is a suspicious person harassing you or a member of your family?

· You have a right to live without being harassed or threatened.  Come to us to enforce your rights to protection under the law.


Alfred de Prado is well known for practicing family  law:

· Member of Family Law Section of Westchester County Bar Association

· Member of Matrimonial Law Section of New York County Lawyers Association


Our Services include

· Child & Spousal Support

· Custody & Visitation

· Orders of Protection

· Domestic Violence

· Adoption

· Name Change

The Law Offices of

Alfred F.M. de Prado

2014 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (at Route 202)

Call us at (914)962-4100