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How do I pass on my property?  I don’t want my family going to court after my will is read.

A good plan for passing on your assets can help protect your family’s interests and prevent in-fighting.

· Wills—These documents make your wishes clear in a legally binding document.  Special care is needed to ensure evidence that your will was prepared with a sound mind.  This care strengthens your will.  Special arrangements can be made in wills to ensure your wishes are carried out.  Speak with us to learn more.  If you have children, special arrangements provide more security. 

· Trusts—Trusts are useful for preserving equity.  Important tax benefits can result, protecting the total value of your equity.  There are key steps to creating Living Trusts that make them more effective.  We have the expertise to provide that.

· Estates—Dividing up the value of your assets and providing for their distribution to your beneficiaries should be planned carefully.  Your estate plan should be properly implemented in your will.  Otherwise, your will might not fulfill your wishes.  Call us to learn more.

There are also legal mechanisms available to greatly reduce the tax burden on your estate.  This can result in a greater legacy for your beneficiaries.  We have the skill and experience necessary to enable those mechanisms.


Are you concerned that as your health declines you may be unable to enforce your wishes for health care and/or day-to-day use of your property?

· A living will and/or power of attorney document can help.  We will create these legal documents for you so you can decide what happens.  Without these documents, your wishes may not be the followed if you are incapacitated.  Give legal empowerment to your wishes by having us create these important documents for you.


Do you feel a will was unfair?

· You may need to challenge a will to seek justice for yourself and your family.  Sometimes an estranged family member



Are you concerned that you do not know much about wills?

· Come in to discuss your options.  Understanding how the law works will help you appreciate the importance of a well-written will. 


Our Services include

· Will Creation

· Probating Wills

· Testamentary and Living Trusts

· Living Wills

· Health Care Proxy

· Durable Powers of Attorney

· Estate Settlements & Probate

· Estate Planning

The Law Offices of

Alfred F.M. de Prado

2014 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (at Route 202)

Call us at (914)962-4100